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Individual Package 1
Private One-on-One Lessons
TL / Month
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  • Intermediate - Advanced Vocabulary and Nuanced Grammar: Enhancing language proficiency with complex vocabulary and nuanced grammar structures.
  • Social Skills & Interaction: Developing communication skills for effective social interaction and collaboration.
  • Critical Reading and Writing Skills: Fostering analytical thinking and expressive writing abilities through critical reading and writing exercises.
  • Public Speaking and Debate Participation: Building confidence and eloquence in public speaking and engaging in structured debates.
  • Listening and Cultural Awareness: Improving listening comprehension while cultivating an understanding of cultural nuances and diversity.
  • Career Path & Strategy: Providing guidance and strategies for career advancement and success in various professional fields.
  • Confidence in Spoken English: Cultivating self-assurance and fluency in spoken English through practice and feedback.
Individual Package 2
Private One-on-One Lessons
TL / Month
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  • Vocabulary Building: Engaging activities to learn and reinforce basic English words.
  • Grammar Instruction: Gradual teaching of grammar concepts using age-appropriate methods.
  • Listening and Speaking Practice: Interactive exercises like songs and dialogues to enhance comprehension and speaking skills.
  • Reading Practice: Exposure to English texts through reading aloud and guided reading activities.
  • Writing Practice: Development of writing skills through various exercises and activities.
  • Language Games and Activities: Playful reinforcement of language concepts through games and puzzles.
Business Package 1
Busıness Excellence
Private One-on-One Lessons
TL / Month
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  • Business-specific Vocabulary and Jargon: Learning industry-specific terminology for effective communication in professional contexts.
  • Writing Reports, Proposals & Emails: Developing skills in crafting clear, concise, and professional written documents.
  • Effective Negotiation, Presentation, and Networking Skills: Enhancing interpersonal skills for successful negotiations, presentations, and networking interactions.
  • High-level of Listening Skills: Improving comprehension and responsiveness in business conversations and meetings.
  • Expertise in Business Etiquette Communication: Understanding and applying the norms of professional conduct and communication in business settings.
  • Social Skills and Small Talk: Practicing conversational skills and etiquette for building relationships and rapport.
  • Strategic Thinking and Problem-Solving: Developing analytical and creative thinking skills for tackling business challenges and opportunities.
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How Do I Access My sessions?
All sessions with are coaches are done via online virtual meetings. your assigned coach will setup your sessions with you.
Who Should Take an Online Program?
1. Non-Native English Speakers: Those who want to improve their English language skills for academic, professional, or personal reasons.
2.Students: Students aiming to excel in English-language exams.
3.Professionals: Professionals seeking to enhance their communication skills for work, including writing, speaking, and business English.
4.Job Seekers: Job seekers looking to boost their resume with English proficiency to expand job opportunities, especially in international markets.
5.Expatriates: Individuals relocating to English-speaking countries who want to acclimate to the language and culture.
6.Travel Enthusiasts: Travelers looking to confidently navigate English-speaking destinations and interact with locals.
7.Language Enthusiasts: People interested in language learning as a hobby, including those who want to learn about English literature and culture.
8.Parents: Parents who wish to help their children with English homework and support their language learning.
9.Bilingual Families: Families in bilingual households who want to ensure their children have a strong foundation in English.
10.Seniors: Seniors interested in staying mentally active and socially engaged by learning a new language.
11.Individuals with Disabilities: People with disabilities who may find online courses more accessible and convenient.
12.Those in Remote Areas: Individuals in remote or underserved areas where in-person language courses may not be readily available.
13.Second Language Acquisition: Learners of multiple languages who use online courses to add English to their repertoire.

Online English courses offer flexibility and accessibility, making them suitable for a wide audience with diverse goals and backgrounds. Whether for education, career advancement, or personal growth, these courses can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each learner.
Are There Prerequisites or Language Requirements?
Yes, it requires you to have some level of English as a starting Point.
Can I Take More than One session at a Time?
Once your sessions have been complete, you are able to purchase additional sessions if you wish.
My Payment Did Not Go Through. What Do I Do?
Please contact us at or call us so we can investigate the situation.
How Does virtual coaching Work?
Virtual coaching, also known as online coaching or e-coaching, is a method of coaching that takes place in a digital environment, typically over the internet. Here’s how virtual coaching works:

1. Selection of Coach: The individual seeking coaching gets selected a coach who specializes in the specific area they want to work on.
2.Online Platform: Virtual coaching is facilitated through online platforms or video conferencing tools. These platforms can include video call apps like Zoom, Google meets, or dedicated coaching platforms.
3.Scheduling: The coach and the client schedule coaching sessions based on their availability. Sessions can be one-on-one or in a group format, depending on the coach’s approach and the client’s preference.
4.Video Sessions:: Coaching sessions are conducted through live video calls. During these sessions, the coach and the client can see and hear each other, allowing for real-time interaction and communication.
5.Assessment and Goal Setting: The initial coaching sessions often involve assessing the client’s current situation, setting goals, and identifying areas for improvement or growth.
6.Coaching Techniques: Coaches use various coaching techniques and methodologies to guide clients toward their objectives. This may include asking powerful questions, providing feedback, offering strategies, and creating action plans.
7.Homework and Exercises: Coaches may assign homework, exercises, or tasks between sessions to help clients apply what they’ve learned and make progress toward their goals.
8.Regular Check-Ins: Coaching typically involves a series of sessions over an agreed-upon period. Regular check-ins with the coach help track progress, address challenges, and provide ongoing support and motivation.
9.Communication Between Sessions: Clients may communicate with their coach between sessions through email, chat, or messaging platforms to seek guidance, share updates, or ask questions.
10.Feedback and Accountability: Coaches offer constructive feedback, hold clients accountable for their actions, and provide encouragement and support to keep them on track.
11.Assessment and Review: At the end of the coaching program, a final assessment is conducted to evaluate progress, measure achievement of goals, and reflect on the coaching experience.
12.Flexible and Remote: Virtual coaching offers flexibility, allowing clients to receive coaching from the comfort of their own space, without the need for in-person meetings.

Virtual coaching can cover a wide range of areas, It is an effective way for individuals to work with professional coaches to improve their lives and achieve their desired outcomes, regardless of geographical or time constraints.
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